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Robert Stankovich AKA your grandson & Mrs.Baggs(non-registered)
Robert shared your site with me this afternoon, during his technology time at school. (I am the technology teacher at his school).Wonderful photographs!
Bill and Christine Donnell(non-registered)
What wonderful shots! We love the one of the Grizzly, particularly since that was Christine's high school mascot in the big town of Fruitland! Beautiful work!
Stephanie Hiett(non-registered)
Great site Ken. Easy to navigate!! Loved the pics. Looking forward to more photos and of course your upcoming visit!!! ;)
Bro Jim(non-registered)
Yay! You did it! And I tried to steal a picture and it wouldn't let me. Well done. I haven't checked the whole site out yet but will when I have time later this week.
George Downs(non-registered)
Ken, what great shots. I am so glad to see you displaying your photos. I am inspired.
Dave Sjostrom(non-registered)
Ken, If I could have taken a better picture of the wall I would have it blown up to cover a 24 x 36 area to put in my home. I remember Cranston daily and everytime I'm in Anacortes I go to his memorial at the cemetery and we visit in our own way.
I was in advanced infantry training at Ft. Lewis when Cranston was in basic training across the parade field from me. We met several times and he always said that if we went to VN he would not come back. I told him that , yes, we would come back. Now I'm here to carry on his memory and I still, forty years later, ask the question:"Why, God, Why???" and the answer is still for me:"................". I am grateful to be able to carry on the memory of Cranston.
Larry Huddleston(non-registered)
Nice job keep up the good work.
Renee L. Theuer(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your site, Ken. You have a beautiful website and terrific domain name!
Your pictures are really beautiful. Good luck!
Renee :-)
Helen Christmon(non-registered)
You are right Ken ....this is a great site. Thanks for sharing with PAN members.
Darlene Lindsey(non-registered)
You weren't kidding...this is really first rate, Ken! Thanks for the info.
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