A Case For CremationA Case For CremationContemplative man considering deposition of his remains...graveyard or cremation

A Case for Cremation


For years now cremation has appealed

to me as the way to go,

a practical leaving.

One's bones do not clutter

an already crowded planet.

One's grave presents

no mystery to citizens

of the twenty-second century:

who was this man, what world views

did he offer, and why

did he select a granite stone?

Granite is permanent; life passes.


Certainly if one chooses cremation

no burial place exists

that might alarm

if grave space was needed

for a new subdivision,

no worry of poltergeists.

But something in me wants a grave,

the same part of me

that saves copies

of tax returns for thirty years.

Just in case I need them

these bones will be there.


© 2014 J. Paul Holcomb

All rights reserved