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In January of 2023 I attended a photo workshop in Arizona hosted by Lisa Langell Photography called the Magic of Cowboys. We were presented with a group of real cowboys and cowgirls that worked on the Don Donnelly D SpurRanch where the workshop was held.
We also had the opportunity to photograph reenactment actors and the beautiful desert surroundings. Also check out the companion gallery of Monochrome Cowboys.
Morning Meet on HorizonRoping on Horizon Gold SkyAndella Lost Her StetsonCowgirl SmileAndella Blue Wrangler PortraitCowgirl and DogAre You Questioning MeAndella SmileBlue Eyed CowboyBlack Parasol LadyConvince MeCowboy with RifleCowboy PrayerCowboy ContemplationDoubting HorsemanFeather in StetsonGentleman CowboyHorseman Michael with DogOld and YoungOn the Porch