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The Santa Clara Ranch is a wildlife preserve located in the Rio Grande Valley which is designed specifically for photographers. Five comfortable blinds allow the photographer to get extremely close to the mammals and birds that gather around the pools. Nine of us, all members of the Heard Nature Photographers, a camera club in North Texas, spent four days at the site in November, 2012. For best viewing, click on the Slideshow button and have your speakers on!
0317 House Sparrow791 Cardinal on Branch014 Harris's Hawk Landing 10060 Pyrrhuloxia Male Drinking0075 Northern Cardinal0087 Black Crested Titmouse0128 Bob White Quail0812 Cardinal on Thorny Brush0292 Javelina807 Cardinal by Pool0364 Golden Fronted Woodpecker0391 Collared Peccary0471 Green Jay on Branch0481 Curved Billed Thrasher0106  Harris's Hawk Attacking0766 Cardinal on Tree Branch824 Northern Cardinal Female0063 Eastern Phoebe on Branch0037 Harris's Hawk0832 Gold Fronted Woodpecker by Pool