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Additional images of birds of Boca de Tomatlan, Mexico just added this week to Kenz Lenz. Best viewed by clicking on the SLIDESHOW button and with Speakers on!
0020 90 Brown Pelican Preparing for Takeoff0044 Snowy Egret Landing on Water0040 Brown Pelican on Bow of Boat0103 90 Pair of Blue Foots on Ledge0049 90 Pair of Brown Pelicans Sharing a Fish0111 90 Blue Foot in Rock Hollow0133 90 Little Blue Heron0028 90 Brown Pelican on Rock in Rio Los Horcones0163 90 Snowy Egret on the Hunt0167 90 Snowy Egret Head Shot0130 90 Blue Footed Boobie Clings to Ledge0175 90 Little Blue Heron on the Hunt0191 Close Up Unknown Fowl0192 90 Unknown Fowl0219 90 Snowy Egret at Sunset0190 90 Unknown Fowl near River0323 Brown Pelican at Los Arcos015 90 Pair of Blue Foots on Ledge0199 90 Unknown Fowl