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The Wings of Freedom Airshow arrived at Denton Airport on March 25,2013. It was a thrill to see the old WWII bombers and fighter planes and even more of a thrill to talk to some of the Denton veterans who showed up to see their old craft.
1504 P51 Mustang and Me 262 Jet1528 Messerschmitt Me 262 "White 1"1540 B17G Fly Over Denton1549 Me 262 Taxiing In1568 B24J Liberator Bomber1596 B17 Taxiing into Denton01613 In the B17 Prop Wash1635 B17 Nine O Nine Art1642 Chin Gunner Position B171647 Cockpit of B17 Nine O Nine1651 View from Top Gun Turret of the B17  Nine O Nine1665 B 24 Plane Art Witchcraft1690 Me 262 Tail View1696 P51 Betty Jane0170 P51 Mustang