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In the middle of February 2015 we had a snow and ice storm and our backyard seemed to be quite the gathering place for the local birds.
Towhee on BushFemale CardinalTufted Titmouse on Icy BranchesDark Eyed JuncoTufted Titmouse on GroundEastern Towhee FemaleSong Sparrow in SnowEastern Towhee on SnowDark Eyed Junco on SnowWhite Throated Sparrow on SnowEastern Towhee on SnowEastern Towhee FemaleEastern Towhee on IceDark Eyed Junco on SnowBlue Jay in TreeSong Sparrow on IceWhite Throated Sparrow on SnowEastern Towhee Seed in BeakDark Eyed Junco in SnowEastern Towhee Male in Snow