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Photos taken during a two day snowmobile shoot in January of 2013. Morning temperatures were -10F or colder upon departure to the Park.
0002 600 Bald Eagle0026 600 Trumpeter Swans0008 600 Pair of Trumpeters in Madison River0012 600 Trumpter Swans Face to Face0045 600 Bison Pair Near Madison River044 600 Snowy Face Bison0022 90 Bison Trudging Through Snow Along the River0090 600 Coyote in Snow Drift0150 90 Coyote on Road0110 600 Coyote near Road0115 600 Coyote on The Road0129 600 Coyote0153 600 Coyote Near Downed Timber0233 600 Coyote on the Hunt0102 600 Grizzly Standing0173 600 White Wolf0209 90 Two Wolves with Gold Eyes BW0079 600 Look Me in the Eye White Wolf0163 600 White Wolf0144 600 White Wolf