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Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is a drive through facility covering 1800 acres and home to over 1100 animals which for the most part roam free. Many of the species are extinct in the wild, or are endangered or dwindling populations that require a cooperative effort for their survival. The facility is located just outside of Glen Rose, Texas
0021 Scimitar-Horned Oryx0008 Roan Antelope0019 Blackbuck Antelope0029 Close Up0041 Gemsbok0050 Roan Antelope0080 Addax0141  European Red Deer Bull0164 European Red Deer Bull0171 European Red Deer Doe0212 Fallow Deer Fawm0239 Aoudad0262 Cheetah Pair0279 Giraffe Pair0359 Blackbuck0370 Wildebeest0038 Dama Gazelle