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In January of 2016 we had a very harsh snowstorm with near zero temperatures and driving snow. All of these images were take in our backyard.

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Whited Throated Sparrow SnowMale Cardinal in SnowWhite Breasted Sparrow SnowRobin Swallowing BerryDowny Woodpecker on Feeder SnowSolitary White Throated SparrowRobin with Berry in MouthFemale Cardinal Looking LeftChipping Sparrow SnowFemale CardinalEastern TowheeRed Bellied WoodpeckerPair of Sparrows Snow PortraitMale Cardinal on BranchDowny Woodpecker on Snowy BranchChipping Sparrow on Icy BranchCarolina Wren and Downy WoodpeckerTufted Titmouse in SnowRobin with BerryCarolina Wren on Feeder