Like abstract art, Abstract photography concentrates on shape, form, colour, pattern and texture. The viewer is often unable to see the whole object with the focus on only a small part of it. As a viewer of an abstract shot you may only know the essence of the abstraction or understand it by what is implied. Normally the object or image will not be a literal view of the subject. The subject is secondary to the observance of…
§ Patterns
§ Textures
§ Angles
§ Proximity (closeness and distance from the subject)
§ Crop (especially of segments or parts of the whole)
§ Colour variation
§ Tonal variation
§ Hard light rendering of the subject
§ Soft light rendering of the subject
§ Shape (2D)
§ Form (3D)
§ Curves
§ Geometry
§ Focus and depth of field
§ Blur
§ Expression of movement
Definition by Damon Guy, editor of
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